Essay: Financial Risk Management

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[. . .] Some argue that Hedges are much more popular when it comes to large business, institutional stockholders and portfolio managers as deliberately applying economic instruments empower them to cut down investment risks meaningfully. Investors will need to be able to acknowledge the goal or objective that is behind utilizing hedging methods but other criticize that this does not have to be their job.

Some believe that Hedging is good for the reason that it removes losses owing to market rate variations. On the other hand it also removes likely gains because of these fluctuations which really are a bonus to some organizations. Some would say that it is not worth it because there is always a small charge related with the extra hedging dealings. Many believe that Hedging is endorsed in most situation where the maximum probable loss too big for the firm engross effortlessly. Also some would agree that the firms that wish to focus on their key business and do not desire to get into details of accepting and calculating market fluctuation will profit from exhausting various hedging techniques.

Basically put, putting investments in various stocks, whose price movement is harmfully connected, spontaneously produces a hedge. Some would make the argument mentioning that is why, hedging continuously cuts down likelihood of returns while it minimizes risk for investment. Others make the argument that common derivative tools can be used in creating hedge positions so that they guard invested capital from damages because of absurd price variations. Expanding stock reserves across worldwide markets, for instance developing world where liquidness continues to drift from one marketplace to another is a hedging strategy that is effective.

One technique is called the Hedging Using Non-Identical Stocks (Pairing) During the times when perfect hedges are not always around, for example- if there are no bonds being held in the portfolio then the best technique to generate hedge is by means of a short sale of a non-identical safety, whose price movement compares with the security being held. Many support this technique because it can be applied by workers, who are not permitted to shorten their own stocks in the business. The central task whereas exercising this process is to find out the right match with similar risk metrics and a great link that is in cost movement. This technique does not work very long. Some argue that the time frame is too short and there is continuously the risk of hedge becoming assimilated.

Another technique that some even criticize would be the selling and buying choices to diminish risks Derivatives that are in the custom of options are very beneficial yet difficult hedging tools and does not need to be utilized by layman stockholders. Some critics do not believe that this can work because of the tricky pricing features of options. However, believe that it is very effective because of premium feature which can simply be assumed through detailed awareness, so that an effective hedge will be able to be put in proper place. Many argue that professional risk managers are able to perform wonders utilizing options as hedges, nevertheless involves knowledge and skill. Usual investors can profit from straightforward strategies encompassing Options for financial risk management.

Call Options- this involves selling a call option in contradiction of the determined holdings in a specific stock is a hedging method.

Put Options- Purchasing puts in contradiction of current stocks in portfolio is just like ordering insurance, nonetheless companies will have to remember, there is heavy premium cost (J, 2001).

Conjoining Options- Retailing a call and obtaining a put for the similar level and matching expiration makes a flawless hedge with superior price at risk and limitless profit likelihood.

Another technique that some believe works but other find debatable is for business to keep their invested money safe by utilizing stock and Index Future's. Utilizing future's as a hedging tool is the most cost effective method, nonetheless there are definite everyday cash flow caps and floors. Also some experts prize the Individual stock futures and index futures because they can be used to hedge some of the risk all the way up until the finish date of the agreement.

Those that are against this do not use hedges or apply derivatives because they think that they are a waste of time and not easy to implement and understand. Preferably these devices would be those that money managers and individuals considered to be high worth, who frequently discover it problematic to hedge effortlessly in practice.


It is clear that having good financial risk-management activities will be able to lessen the total risk. However, some would argue that this could be value-adding only if it decreases the cost of financial suffering. It is obvious that there are many different arguments that are either for or against the use risk management strategies by non-financial firms, however, it appears that there are more that are in favor for it than those that are against using it. It also appears that even utilizing the right hedge techniques within a company does actually make a difference if they are used correctly.

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