How Do We Find Values in the Contemporary World? Research Paper

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¶ … Values in the Contemporary World

Religion stands as one of the most important values in the contemporary society and it has always been influential in assisting people as they experienced progress. Even with the fact that it is also responsible for generating numerous controversies, religion is, as a whole, beneficial because of the moral values that it promotes, given that it influences people to perform moral acts. Most people who are against religion are fueled by its turbulent history and because of the fact that many individuals throughout history have interpreted religion and used religious teachings incorrectly. Present-day society has experienced much progress in the recent years and it appears that the world (with the exception of some communities) is heading toward a stage where people are able to distinguish between right and wrong and understand religious philosophies from a moral standpoint.

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There are presently numerous religions in the world and one is likely to experience great difficulty in trying to follow all of their teachings simultaneously primarily because of the cultures from which these respective religions emerged. One of the first mistakes that people make when trying to act in accordance with the philosophies promoted by a particular religion is that they tend to either understand teachings literary or to come up with an extremist interpretation of some passages. This is mainly the reason for which many individuals have committed immoral acts in the past. Considering the crusades, indulgences, and terrorist extremists, one can easily understand the extent to which some people are willing to act in disagreement with moral values for the purpose of respecting what they understand as religious teachings.

TOPIC: Research Paper on How Do We Find Values in the Contemporary World? Assignment

Surely, it would be wrong to impose a particular interpretation of a religious philosophy, as all people are free to produce their own interpretation concerning that particular teaching. However, individuals need to understand that it is essential for them to regard matters from an unbiased and moral point-of-view, as religion is primarily meant to instruct people concerning how it is best for them to behave. People often wrongly consider that living a religious life is very different from living a normal life and that a religious individual is more limited than one who does not live in accordance with religious values. However, religion, if understood properly, does not restrict people from doing what they want to do. It simply provides them with advices that they can follow in order to live a moral life and it presents them with the freedom of choosing the extent to which they want to act in accordance with religious philosophies.

It is difficult to determine the exact meaning of morality, as some people might express diverging opinions concerning particular values. Thus, it is essential for individuals to be able to relate to a more general moral system that they can use in trying to interpret religion and generate values by using it. When regarding knowledge, some theory school identify it as being a form of opinion (those in the West in particular) while others relate to it as being a form of faith (those in the East predominantly). In trying to understand moral values, one must understand the connection between knowledge and religion. The complexity of life makes it especially difficult for one to be able to understand how religion can provide people with knowledge about life and morality (Pratt 156).

Religion is frequently considered to be unethical as a result of the fact that it tends to act in disagreement with the laws of science. Religious individuals were actually convinced that most of the teachings they came across were written as a result of real-life exceptional events that were experienced by prophets and religious teachers. However, as technology progressed, it became obvious that it was practically impossible for some of these particular events to have happened in real life and religious individuals were thus left with no other option than to accept science as a being (at times) able to tell the difference between reality and imagined incidents. Again, extremist religious people failed to understand that they had to interpret the religious philosophies that they were taught instead of simply understanding them literally. Some people believe that science is more important because it can demonstrate some things more accurately than religion. However, these people fail to understand that religion is, unlike science, unlimited in explaining things. There are numerous things and acts that science is unable to explain, as it relies only on what people know for sure. Religion is, in contrast, unlimited and can be very important in generating solutions to problems that seem unfathomable. "The world is the way the world is, because God intended the world to be so, and God intended the world to be so because God valued the world positively. Thus, theology offers more than any scientific explanation can offer" (Drees 245). The notion of God is very diverse, as people can have different understandings of the divine, depending on their personal convictions, on their religious preferences, and on the degree to which they are influenced by the individuals that they interact with. From the beginning of time, people were accustomed to rely on religion to provide answers to questions that they considered incomprehensible.

One of the easiest methods of understanding the link between society and religion is to study virtually every domain. By doing this, one is likely to find that religion has had a more or less influential effect on all domains at a certain moment. Religious philosophies can be adopted by anyone, anywhere, actually making the respective person conduct his or her daily activities with an increased efficiency because he or she focuses on moral values. However, it is particularly difficult for an individual to respect morality if he or she wants to experience success in present day society (Weber).

Capitalism presents individuals with the concept that it is right for them to employ a competitive nature in order to achieve success. Thus, a religious person actively engaged in performing business in a capitalist society will have trouble competing as he or she knows that he or she is likely to destroy the businesses of other people. Even with that, this can be understood as a natural selection process, as ever since the beginning of time man was accustomed to experience success on account of his intellect (Weber).

When concerning the concept of a savior that some religions promote, it is very probable that the savior does not actually refer to a single person who has supernatural powers and can save people from an apocalyptic scenario involving catastrophes, alien invaders, and other similar threats. Instead, religions probably relate to the savior as being a thought, a set of moral values needed to be respected, or even to a change in character experienced by each individual in particular with the purpose of bettering that person in a series of ways.

Religion can be beneficial for individuals because of the values that it can provide them with. People can discover more about themselves and can shape their personal identity as a result of the moral beliefs that they come across as a result of becoming acquainted with religion. In spite of the fact that science has answered (and will continue to answer) numerous dilemmas, religion makes it possible for individuals to understand more in regard to the unknown and to acknowledge the fact that some things might never be explained.

By relating to religion, people are enabled to consider that they are not limited and that they will always be capable to attain new states if they try hard enough. This makes it possible for people to search for the meaning of life and for their purpose on this planet, being determined to search for an answer even when it seems that everything is lost. Self-respect is gradually developed as people understand more about the philosophical aspect of religion, considering that they learn more in regard to themselves and about how they can understand who they really are. Through religion, people are thought that everyone is important and people should not be judged on account of their appearance.

One's creativity is likely to experience progress as a result of the religious teachings that the respective person comes across, with people being able to reach never-before seen heights as a consequence of being certain that their mind knows no limits. Whereas science explains feelings and emotions as being nothing more than chemical reactions induced by certain circumstances, religion makes it possible for people to consider that there is more to it than just chemistry, as they accept the fact that they are souls and that they are capable of putting across thought that is inaccessible to robots. "Spiritual development is fundamental to other areas of learning since it incorporates the curiosity, the use of the imagination, insight and intuition, and the desire to question and to explore the meaning of experience, which underpin motivation to learn in general" (Cooper and Palmer 148).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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