Research Proposal: Finding Errors

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¶ … NPR Health and Science special on All Things Considered entitled "Summer Science: Studying Mosquitoes and Corn" is addressed to a general audience. Scientific jargon is understandably avoided in the segment on corn because most listeners only want and need to learn about the general concepts behind corn biology, physiology, and reproduction. However, in the process of oversimplifying corn physiology and reproduction, the farmer speaking to NPR made a few key errors. Using the term "ears" for the female corn inflorescences is understandable, and using the common term "silks" for what are essentially elongated stigmas on the female inflorescences makes sense when the radio audience is NPR listeners without a background in plant physiology. Unfortunately, both the farmer and the interviewer confuse the silk with the tassel: when in fact the former is the pollen receptor, or stigma, on the female plant whereas the tassel is the male inflorescence, or cluster of flowers. The tassel (male inflorescence) contains pollen grains that fertilize the silks (stigmas), which are on… [END OF PREVIEW]

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