Fire and Burn Injuries Term Paper

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Fire Service

Fire safety standards, particularly those that effect individuals with Alzheimer's disease, have a profound impact on the overall readiness of personnel. Fire safety is unique in regards to its methods and policies. Much of the fire safety policies currently being implemented pertain to proactive prevention rather than reactive prevention. Fire safety first begins with the individual identification of possible hazards, which requires a specialized knowledge and expertise. The fire safety administration in conjunction with municipal governments can better educated and prepare individuals in regards to overall preventive maintenance. This education ultimately helps prevent individuals affected by Alzheimer's from becoming harmed due to negligent behavior. The collaboration between fire safety administration and municipal governments also protects the public at large from large and often substantial damages (America, 2008).

To begin, the fire safety administration works with municipal government by establishing a uniform code of prevention. This codes and statutes are universal with a particular jurisdiction. These statutes help to establish a culture of consistent appraisal on the part of municipal governments as to the safety and soundness of the overall working environment. Many municipal governments have established safety codes which are universal laws that govern a particular area. Safety codes are designed to also protect the occupants of a building from fire, and to reduce the potential for a fire to start. These requirements are developed based on information gathered from around the designated area that has caused fires in the past. Furthermore, fire safety is a proactive use of rules and regulations to prevent the occurrence of a fire. Fire safety, also helps to prevent many of the deaths, injuries, and damages that insures after a fire manifests itself. As such, fire safety better enables individuals who are victim to a fire to survive with minimal damages (Oakes, 2009). Safety codes are no different in this regard. Safety codes, much like their fire safety counterparts are used in a proactive manner to help prevent hazardous events from occurring. Safety codes are particularly important during the inspection process, as potential hazards are identified prior to an emergency occurring. Inspections also define the relative impact of deficiencies as it relates to the overall building and structure. This provides a concrete forecast of potential damages that might occur if safety hazards are addressed immediately. These inspections ultimately improve the overall soundness and safety within the building. It also provides a means of comparing the effectiveness of proposed improvements by producing a comparative baseline which shows the relative gain in overall building… [END OF PREVIEW]

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