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"The MGM, which was at 99% capacity the day of the fire, only had sprinklers in a galley and in the basement, areas where the fire was stopped dead in its tracks by the heavy flow of water (Koch, 2000)."

In addition the MGM Grand had an air system that allowed toxic fumes to be piped throughout the building. There were no fire control rooms in the building either which meant there was no central way for the hotel to contact the hotel guests and advise them on measures to stay safe until they could be rescued." Today, every major public building has such rooms with computers that can pinpoint the origin of fires and vent smoke out of areas to help firefighters (Koch, 2000)."

More than two decades later the fire is still remembered. The Nevada Lions' Burn Care Center at the University Medical Center devoted lots of time helping fire victims that day and currently still donate money to the treatment of fire victims (Tragedy Remembered Through Gift MGM Fire Fund to Help Burn Victims (

The investigation found many bodies that were just feet from doors that would have led to escape. "All they had to do was push the door open," Burns said 20 years later from his office at Fire Department headquarters (MGM GRAND FIRE: Horror can't be forgotten ("

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Though there were many rumors over the years that the fire was started by arsonists the true cause according to fire investigators who reported faulty wiring as the culprit. The wires in the wall in a restaurant called the Deli within the hotel smoldered for hours without detection due to flaws in the design and installation of the wiring. "Several minor factors, from exposed wires near the fire's origin to flammable glue in the ceiling tiles of the casino, all came together to make the fire so deadly. "

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The MGM fire made history. Causing over 80 deaths, and creating the springboard for many fire laws that were passed following the fire, it will be a historical tragedy for many years to come. The fire was tragic indeed, costing many people their lives. But the changes that came because of the fire's occurrence, have the potential to save millions of people in the future.


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MGM GRAND FIRE: Horror can't be forgotten


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