Fire Project Term Paper

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Fire Project

Over the years, installation of Fire safety systems in hotels has assumed tremendous importance due to the mandatory requirement of provision of such systems under the law and also due to the growing consciousness within the hotel industry to provide such systems as a part of the overall infrastructure. Provision of high tech fire fighting device being products of advanced technology came to be increasingly installed in hotels resulting in decline of fire due to smoke and fire alarms and use of fire-retardant materials. This has resulted in drastic reduction in cases of major fire incidents over the decades. In case of majority of fires that have caused in hotels, the main source has been from the kitchen. (Hotels and motels)

How do Hotel safety plan before Fire:

The following points are pertinent i) at the time of making a reservation in a hotel or checking into a hotel an enquiry has to be made regarding the fire safety measures adopted by the hotel and a facility has to be chosen that is secured by smoke alarms as well as fire sprinklers.

A ii) at the time of checking in, enquiry has to be made about the sound pattern of the fire alarm system to get accustomed with the sound so that one can easily get alerted in case of a fire.

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A iii) One has to be familiar with the fire escape plan provided in the room iv) an arrangement has to be made to find out the two closest stairs and a count kept regarding the number of doors between the room where one has checked-in and the stairwell. In the eventuality of a fire the hall will possibly be dark and it might pose a difficulty to view the stairway. Keeping a count of the number of doors might help in locating the stairs.

A v) One has to be conscious regarding the exist signals present inside the hotel facility vi) the exit routes have to be duly inspected to ensure that they are not put under lock or there is any obstruction that is very common in a number of hotels. It has to be reported to the Hotel manager in case the exits routes are blocked since it cannot be used to escape during any eventuality.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Fire Project Assignment

A vii) the key of the room has to be kept by the nightstand such that it can be reached with absolute ease during emergency situation.

A viii) in the event of a power failure, move about with a Flashlight fitted wit new storage batteries. (Hotel Safety)

III) How does Hotel safety plan after Fire?

The following points have to be observed strictly:

i) in case the sound of fire alarm is heard, the building has to be vacated at once. While vacating, the keys of the room has to be taken along with just in case the exit routes are engulfed by fire or smoke belches out one can again return to the room and find some way out through the window.

A ii) Examine the doors prior to opening them as one would never know if there were fire on the opposite end. In case the other side has been engulfed with fire, it will feel hot around the cracks. In case the door feels hot, the second way out has to be used or one has to remain inside the room and start with the method for "If you are trapped" (given below). In case the door is not found to be hot, it has to be opened very carefully and examined to ensure that the path is clear of fire and smoke.

A iii) During the breaking out of fire in a hotel, to escape the staircase has to be used for utmost safety and under no circumstance use of the elevator should be made.

A iv) in case there is no other option but to escape through the thickness of a smoke, one has to stoop and crawl very low under the smoke on one's hands and knees in the direction of the exit. (Hotel Safety)

IV) if you are trapped:

The following points have to be observed for an early rescue:

i) in case one is unable to escape, and there is not any presence of fire in the room, one has to keep him in the room itself.

A ii) the Fire Tenders has to be summoned at once and they should be made aware regarding the exact location of the people trapped inside.

A iii) the fans and air-conditioning equipment has to be putout since they could attract smoke into the room.

A iv) Towels or Bed sheets has to be packed in the crevices and opening on all sides of the doors and vents in between the person and the fire.

A v) in case it is possible, windows should be opened at the top and bottom. However, one should be ready to close the window in case the smoke enters the room. Windows should not be broken since in the eventuality of shutting they can be closed without any problems.

A vi) in this case one should remain at the window and give a sign to the firefighters by waving a cloth preferably of light color or a flashlight. (Hotel Safety)

V) What is a safe trip?

According to the law, every federal employee who travels on business purposes should stay in hotels or motels which have been declared a safe. While one embarks on a trip, one has to keep copies of one's prescriptions and the health insurance card also to ensure that the trip is a safe one. Currently, the United States Fire Administration -USFA, has got an instrument to provide assistance to make sure that the guest is guaranteed a still secured tour. (Hotels and motels: Have a Safe Trip)

VI) NFPA Hotel Fire Safety Checklist

The following is the checklist for safety for hotel fire, which has to be attended to by the Chief Engineer, Director of Safety or any other Officer of similar rank:

i) Is a fire alarm system present to caution the people attending the fire? What is the sound of the fire alarm system? Does it sound like a Bell or a Horn, a slow hoop or any other sound?

A ii) Do all the exit doors and pathways bear a glow EXIT sign?

A iii) Are emergency lighting present in the exit ways and exit staircases?

A iv) Do the corridors, exit doorways, exit stairs as also additional routes that comprise exit passages for the guests of the hotel are absolutely free from blockages?

A v) Are the swivel exits doors of meeting room, food service, or casino areas swing outside in respect to the room.

A vi) Have any locks been placed in the exit doors or they are closed in any way that would obstruct the immediate use of the door.

A vii) Is there any door which could by mistake taken for an exit. Has it been labeled in an appropriately manner -like 'NO EXIT' viii) Are the doors to exit stairs shut and latch by themselves after they have been used and stay properly shut?

A ix) Is the floor of the guest room accessible from the exit stairs?

A x) Are the guidelines conspicuously exhibited in every attendee's room stating the details of the fire alarm signals and mentioning the locations of the closest exits?

A xi) a matter to be checked is that whether the doors of the room of attendee self-closing and devoid of either transoms or louvers which may allow entering of smoke into the room.

A xii) Is there a notification which is distinctly noticeable in every elevator lobby station which announces "Use of elevators are not to be made during a fire." xiii) Is there signals provided at the main doorway to meeting and facility rooms, that states the maximum number of occupants xiv) Is the provision of exits distant from one another such that in the event of an emergency when one exit cannot be used there should be alternative escape routes?

A xv) Are the collapsible partitions or air walls laid out properly such that accesses to the needed exits are not blocked in any manner?

A xvi) Are there polished or highly reflective surfaces near the exits by which the evacuees might be puzzled or experience illusions?

A xvii) Does the room meant for meetings possess enough exits to permit the number of occupants to vacate at once basing on the following rate: (a) Greater than 1, 0004 exits (minimum) (b) 300-1, 0003 exits - 50-3002 exits.

A xviii) Are every corridor, stairway and aisles clear of storage items regardless of it being temporary or permanent, including clothes for washing, chairs, tables, trays used for room service and other useless articles?

A xix) Has a senior ranked personnel been assigned the responsibility for on-site fire safety inspections? His Name ____ Job Title____ xx) Does the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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