Was Firing Him Too Drastic? Case Study

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¶ … Firing Him Too Drastic?

In the case study, Michael Kalinsky fires an executive in his company to regain control of the company and begin reaffirming its business direction, however in the process he very nearly loses everything. Michael's mishap is due not to bad business sense as all of his instincts in this situation were correct, but instead lies in miscommunication and misunderstanding between him and his stakeholders. Throughout the case Kalinsky made decisions that were less than optimum for his company and were not far sighted. Had Kalinsky utilized more appropriate communication and negotiating skills he perhaps would have had an easier time of building his business.

The Firing

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The firing of Kalinsky's former brother in law was indeed warranted. Kenworthy had been appointed to the position not based on his skills, but due to his relationship with a major stakeholder. He apparently had been able to perform a relatively decent job, however his undermining actions and brash ignorance of professionalism should have been enough in and of itself to fire. Unfortunately, he also was acting out in an insubordinate manner by operating autonomously of the rest of the company with their most important client. Kenworthy obviously wasn't performing his job to the best of his abilities as Capital One began looking for other consultants without so much as a notice from Kenworthy, who was the account manager. In addition, his abrasive nature and disregard for Kalinsky's authority was affecting not only his interactions with Kalinsky, but with the overall operations of the business as well. In Kenworthy's defense, the relationships seemed just as onesided on Kalinski's side as well though. He did not go out of his way to send emails or phone calls for followups on the situation with Capital One. Had he not wanted Kenworthy to act autonomously, he should have assigned more account managers to the Capital One account or at least maintained constant contact with Kenworthy (especially since Capital One represented 40% of the company's revenue).

Conflict Management

Case Study on Was Firing Him Too Drastic? Assignment

The conflict management used in this case were lackadaisical at best in my opinion. Kalinsky seemed like he was trying to avoid conflict, however he was going about it all wrong. He continuously put off inevitable conversations that would have helped head off confrontations before they got out of control. He also chose to talk with Kenworthy's father before speaking with him about his position with the company. While at first, this may seem like a smart move because Kalinsky is protecting his investment, that is exactly… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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