Firms' Comparative Analysis Research Paper

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Airlines such as the Qatar Airways, Emirates, and the Arabiya Airlines give the Kenya Airways formidable competition due to their cheaper services. The Airline companies also have the latest flights, which attracts many customers (Oyieke, 2009).

An airport links different countries and the people traveling. There are different activities that take place in an airport. Some of the activities are business oriented while some are the negatives and vices. Smugglers and drug dealers tend to take advantage of such places hence tainting the name of the firm. This is a challenge to both the Airlines as the firm's staff maybe implicated in such vices.

Management of the Airline is another challenging aspect in both the firms. Poor management can derail the productivity of the Cooperation. Situations such as go slows and strikes are a result of poor management. In the case of Virgin Atlantic, there are different leadership styles implemented by Branson (Balmforth, 2009). He prefers the confrontational approach, which is viewed as damaging.

Organization's macro environments.

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Both Airlines face political difficulties, which range from Government interference to political reasons. The Kenya airway was significantly affected during Kenya's post election violence. Business stalled for 3 months by way in which tourists and international visitors had negativity about the country. This led to losses in the cooperation. The case is different from the Virgin Atlantic. The Cooperation did not experience the impact of political violence, but it still had its own political problems in that, the environmental lobby about the United Kingdom airline industry and the political reaction meant that there was no third runway to the Heathrow airport. This greatly affected the airline company (Balmforth, 2009).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Firms' Comparative Analysis in the Assignment

The Legal challenge affecting both the Atlantic Airlines and the Kenya Airways are almost similar in some ways. In most cases, the co-operations are accountable to the small issues affecting the customers. Some customers take legal suits to sue the company for damages. The virgin Atlantic was entangled in a court battle with its clients due to the famous 'Tarmac Rule.' (Balmforth, 2009). The differences can affect heavily on the management of the firms if not addressed. In some situations, due to political calls and ambitions, some managers can end up losing their positions.

The research is a revelation of the various untold challenges affecting the two prominent cooperates. This type of research helps address-hidden issues and problems. Addressing these types of issues and challenges helps to avoid the same mistakes in the future. A major recommendation to be effectuated is creating adequate room for solving the challenging issues in the two giant firms. Government interference in the firms is unnecessary in some extent. The two bodies should be managed independently from political interference.


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