First Broadcast News Job After College at a TV Station in a Low Market Term Paper

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¶ … Broadcast News Job

In today's world, media, through the broadcasters and/or journalists has been playing a detrimental part to the people's lives. Becoming a journalists and/or a broadcaster entails a lot of efforts already, and it presents a big impact to the majority of readers or viewers or listeners.

First, there are series of responsibilities that all broadcasts journalists should adhere to. Journalists and broadcasters must learn to accept that their role requires being humble and publicly, that what they do is far more subjective and far less detached than the aura of objectivity implies -- and the public wants to believe. If the broadcasters and journalists stop claiming to be mere objective observers, it will not end the charges of bias but will allow them to defend what they do from a more realistic, less hypocritical position (Gillmor, 2004, para 4). Also, journalists and broadcasters need to free (and encourage) reporters to develop expertise and to use it to sort through competing claims, identify and explain the underlying assumptions of those claims, and make judgments about what readers and viewers need to know to understand what is happening (Gillmor, 2004, para 8).

The above stated responsibilities may seem very hard to uphold, but that is really part of the job. These responsibilities serve as a guiding point when starting the broadcast career job after college.

The Broadcast News Career

On Regular workload

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Being in a broadcast industry, on whatever country, it can be expected that broadcasters or broadcast journalist will be on call 24/7, 365 days a year. This is because every minute counts. There are always news and issues everyday that the public must know. The fresher the news gets published or aired, the better it is for the public. It can also be expected that press conference, announcements and various turn of events do not happen on a per schedule basis, especially if it concerns the national issues such as security and safety, health, calamities and disasters etc.

Term Paper on First Broadcast News Job After College at a TV Station in a Low Market Assignment

Hence, a responsible broadcast journalist should always be active and on the go on for every update.

Indeed, being in a broadcast news career would mean a 24-hour a day work load.

On Skills Required

An entry level position in a broadcast news career would require dynamism at work. Any broadcaster or journalist at this level should have the so-called 'nose for news' where in he/she must know what things, issues or events are news worthy, where to get the news, how to get and when to get it. This is a very important skill because this will weigh the credibility and capability of the broadcast journalist is in providing the news.

Moreover, a broadcast news reporter or journalist - entry level or not - must know how to communicate and/or interact well with people. Most often than not, people are the best source of information, hence if the broadcast news personnel is not armed with the right skills in talking, interviewing or interacting with people, no news will be published on the news papers or aired on radios and TVs.

Skill in communication is also important in providing the right information for the target audience. Knowing how to address the intended receiver of information, when it should be given and in what manner it should be revealed are all part of the skills in communication that broadcasters or journalist must have.

Other skills needed in a career in broadcast news are:

Intermediate skills in computer use, such as typing, printing and searching though the Internet - these are all integral part of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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