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¶ … Expatriate's Experience in a Joint Venture in China begins with the image of American manager James Randolf flying from China to the United States. His initial contract had been signed for a period of three years, but after 13 months, he was being sent back to the U.S. The company he was working for was an American-based one, with a joint venture in China, developed in hope for further expansion and success through the easy penetration of the Chinese market.

Filtration Inc., and through generalization most of the American companies, place a rather strong emphasis on their human resource. For instance, prior to their departure in China, both James and his wife participated to numerous courses that would help them reintegrate in the Chinese society and best get passed the cultural barriers. The Chinese human resource is also increasing in the role and importance perceived by the management and proof of it stand the numerous laws and regulations implemented in regard to managing the personnel. The labour force in China is under the direct influence of six major forces: National Economic Plans, the Four Modernization Programs, Political Leadership, Chinese Cultural Values, Labour Unions and the Special Economic Zones, namely the SEZs (Stanbury).

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But the Asian country is still far behind North America in regard to the management of the human resource. In U.S. For instance, managers encourage employees' involvement in the decision making process and regard the personnel as the company's most valuable asset. They often remunerate additional efforts and reward the employees which made significant contributions. Foremost, the American business community embraces the practice of internal promotions as a form of reward. Many U.S. companies simply promote one of their skilled and experienced employees in a leading position, rather than hiring external workforce. In China however, the personnel has yet to change its status of people operating the machines. Foremost, they have limited to none influence or power in the decision making process. "James observed that when Chinese managers were dealing with subordinates, decision making was very top-down. This resulted in virtually all decisions of any consequence being made by the managing director." (Stanbury)

Term Paper on First Time Expatriates Experience Assignment

The role of the human resource in the process of decision making in Singapore is rather mixed mostly due to the mixed culture of the country. In this particular sense, the city state was under the direct rule and influence of both United Kingdom as well as Japan, preserving traditions from both economies. Then, the majority of the population living in Singapore is Chinese, but the official administrative language is English (Asian Studies Network Information Center). As a result, the decision making process involves the staff to various extents, depending in most cases on the elected or unelected quality of the leader. "For those groups without elected leaders, GDSS (group decision support systems) promoted lower influence imbalance, which means a more even distribution of influence compared to a no-support treatment. For the groups with an elected leader, no difference was observed for the decision support variable. Dominance significance, which measures the influence of the most dominant member in the group, was found to be lower with GDSS support. On the other hand, the elected-leader groups reported higher dominance significance than the groups without elected leaders" (Lim, Raman and Wei, 1990)

What is then common between the three regions of the globe in the decision making process is the fact that the power is generally held by limited numbers of individuals. Whereas some involve other forces and others don't, the final decision is always up to an undisputed leader that has the power to implement it.

Another major variable in the presented equation is given by the resources taken in consideration when making a decision. The United States is the world's largest consumer and for decades now consumerism has defined the nation. The U.S. hosts one fifth of the globe's population, but during one year,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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