Fishes to Frogs: Respiratory Adaptation Research Paper

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Farmer, Colleen G. (1997). Did lungs and the intracardiac shunt evolve to oxygenate the heart in vertebrates? Paleobiology, 23(3), 358-372. The author offers evidence to support her theory that hypoxic aquatic conditions caused cutaneous respiration-dependent fishes to evolve lungs, in order to oxygenate cardiac tissue.

Farmer, Colleen G. (1999). Evolution of the vertebrate cardio-pulmonary system. Annual Review in Physiology, 61, 573-592. Building upon her earlier scholarship concerning respiratory system evolution from fish to amphibians, Farmer expands her thesis by suggesting that the evolution of lungs enabled the myocardium to benefit from the increase supply of oxygen made available through vascularization.

Gargaglioni, Luciane H. And Milsom, William K. (2007). Control of breathing in anuran amphibians. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A, 147, 665-684. The authors provide a comprehensive review of what is known about ventilation anatomy and control in the best studied amphibians. Particular attention is paid to central nervous system control.

Janis, C.M. And Keller, J.C. (2001). Modes of ventilation in early tetrapods: Costal aspiration as a key feature of amniotes. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 46(2), 137-170. The authors argue for an alternative theory that suggests the evolution of dry skin came after the emergence of costal ventilation, thereby reducing the need for cutaneous respiration and enabling habitation of dry niches.

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Meyer, Axel and Wilson, Allan C. (1990). Origin of tetrapods inferred from the mitochondrial DNA affiliation to lungfish. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 31, 359-364. Given the controversy over the possible ancestral relationship between lungfish, amphibians, and fish in terms of respiration, with lungfish representing an evolutionary intermediate, the mitochondrial DNA sequence is compared between these three in an effort to resolve this controversy at the molecular level.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Fishes to Frogs: Respiratory Adaptation Assignment

Nilsson, G.E., Hobbs, J-P. A., Ostlund-Nilsson, S., and Munday, P.L. (2007). Hypoxia tolerance and air-breathing ability correlate with habitat preference in coral-dwelling fishes. Coral Reefs, 26, 241-248. The authors examined the respiratory abilities of coral-dwelling fish species and discovered a high level of tolerance for hypoxic conditions. Together with their air-breathing ability, these fish can make use of a wider range of niches, including nighttime hypoxic conditions at deep depths and within coral that becomes exposed to the air for hours at a time.

Perry Steven F., Wilson, Richard J.A., Straus, Christian, Harris, Michael B., and Remmers, John E. (2001). Which came first, the lung or the breath? Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A, 129, 37-47. These authors examined the fossil evidence for indications that gills, air sacks, and lungs emerged in that order, as many evolutionary scientist believe. Their analysis provides additional support for this theory.

Taylor, E.W., Leite, C.A.C., Mckenzie, D.J., and Wang, T. (2010). Control of respiration in fish, amphibians and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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