Fitness Profile Term Paper

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Fitness Profile

Introduction have found that most individuals manage their external appearance, especially their weight, in order to be considered physically attractive by whatever cultural standards that are accepted in a positive manner. This entails that a large number of people strive to manage their appearance through some type of weight control because in our society being thin is more widely thought of as acceptable and therefore rewarded more than obesity. This trend has been a major part of our contemporary global postindustrial society. The problem is that most people do not really know how to manage their diets, exercise and lifestyles in a way that is conducive to weight control and those who do know how to do it charge very large fees on those who do not. This report aims to present a simple approach to weight control including the specific approach of a fitness profile being used to shape ideal weight control opportunities.

Weight Management

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Far too often one sees a weight management program that promises to control one's diet but never once mentions the role that exercise plays in human body weight control. Exercise is a key aspect and helps control our weight by helping us burn excess calories that are otherwise stored in the body as fat. Our body weight is basically regulated by the number of calories a person takes in through food consumption and the number of calories that are used through physical and mental excursion. Therefore, everything a person eats contains calories and everything a person physically or mentally does uses calories. Ironically, this includes sleeping, breathing, and digesting food. But these involuntary processes are not enough to utilize all of the excess calories we consume which therefore requires each person to adopt some type of physical activity in addition to expel those extra calories.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Fitness Profile Assignment

Without regular exercise, it is technically impossible for a healthy individual to effectively mange their weight. Other aspects of exercise and weight management are the beneficial side affects such as the body's ability to more effectively handle disease management as well as the increased longevity for the body and mind. In other words, dieting is not enough to increase or to improve one's overall health; exercise is a mandatory aspect in weight management. The good thing about exercise in a typical weight management scenario is that it really does not matter what type of physical activity is performed. Thus, activities such as sports, planned exercise, household chores, yard work and gardening or simply walking a family dog can all qualify if done on a regular basis.

There have been many proven scientific studies that clearly show that even some of the most out of shape and inactive individuals can gain significant health and weight related benefits by simply adding an accumulate 30 minutes or more of physical activity per day into their routine. These many studies also concur that regular physical activity combined with healthy eating habits are the most efficient manner for living a healthy life style and controlling one's weight. This includes individuals trying to lose, gain or maintain some ideal weight. With that being said, the key point is to first include a process that balances the calories a person takes in and secondly to promote a process for burning off excess calories. This is the most efficient and time tested process for achieving any desired weight.

Discussion for Designing a Plan

Therefore, in order to design a plan for weight management, it is crucial to approach the inherent steps in manner that takes calories, diet and exercise into consideration. The plan must be based on the normal calorie in-take of a person because as each individual eats more calories, they must off set those extra calories that came in the form of extra food through the daily activities so that the body will not need to store the extra calories and therefore create a scenario of weight gain. Weight management plans must have an ideal number of calories built into the process because it is when too few calories are taken that they use the stored calories and therefore create weight loss opportunities. It is probably obvious that the plan has to sway one way or the other to be effective because if an individual eats the same amount of calories as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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