Fitness for Women Term Paper

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Fitness for Women

Dorchester is an extremely welcoming community that is saturated with many ways of staying active. There are many activities and opportunities that promote healthy exercise for everyone within in the neighborhood to engage in. With the substantial amount of evidence that indicates that the extent to which social relationships are strong and supportive is directly related to the health of the individuals who live within such social confines (Berkman, 1995).

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Dorchester is a quiet, typical urban city that offers the serene life for those who dwell in and around it. There is much focus on the youth of Dorchester in much of the community observation. With a great deal of hype placed in the local youth sports, everyone is usually involved in some way or another. For women, there are several aspects that directly focus in their direction. Many communities have councils that place a specific meeting with the object of focusing on ways to elaborate the promotion of health in their communities (Kreuter, Lezin, Young, 2000). Aside from the common Curves and other fitness for women establishments, there are several MOPS groups (mothers of preschoolers) that aim to join mothers of young children. These particular groups provide some interest into the fitness for women with weekly and daily walking, jogging and hiking sessions. Communities have much to benefit from the promotion of fitness. Studies have indicated that communities with high regard for exercise and health are found be much more economically endowed (Kawachi, Glass, 1999). With that, the entire makeup of the business side of the community also strives to get involved with the promotion of health and exercise.

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