Five Process Standards Term Paper

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¶ … Standards

Five process standards

Describe the mathematical process standards

Problem solving

Engaging in a task without knowing the solution method in advance is what is referred to as problem solving. Drawing from their knowledge, the students are better equipped to find a solution for the problem, and while doing this the students will develop a new understanding of mathematics. The students are also able to solve any other problems they encounter both in mathematics and other life situations using their problem solving skills for example, "I have pennies, dimes, and nickels in my pocket. If I take three coins out of my pocket, how much money could I have taken?" Mathematics, 2000()

Problem solving involves the application and adaptation of various strategies to assist the student in solving problems.

Reasoning and proof

To gain better understanding on a wide range of phenomena, a student will need to have a strong mathematical reasoning and proof. Thinking and reasoning analytically allows a person to identify structures, patterns, and regularities in symbolic objects and real world situations. To better understand mathematics, a student needs to be able to reason. A good example is "Write down your age. Add 5. Multiply the number you just got by 2. Add 10 to this number. Multiply this number by 5. Tell me the result. I can tell you your age." Mathematics, 2000()

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Students are able to better evaluate and develop their own mathematical arguments by employing reasoning and proof.


Term Paper on Five Process Standards Assignment

For the teaching of mathematics, communication is an integral part. It provides an avenue for the students and lecturers to share ideas, and make clarification where necessary. Challenging students to communicate their mathematical results and reasoning will help them learn to justify themselves in front of others, which leads to better mathematical understanding. Working on mathematical problems with others and having discussions will allow students to gain more perspectives when solving mathematical problems e.g. "There are some rabbits and some hutches. If one rabbit is put in each hutch, one rabbit will be left without a place. If two rabbits are put in each hutch, one hutch will remain empty. How many rabbits and how many hutches are there?" Mathematics, 2000()


A students understanding is deepened when they are able to connect mathematical ideas. By continuously developing and teaching students' new mathematics that are connected to what the students had learnt previously, the students are able to make connections. Learning mathematics by working on problems that arise from outside mathematics should be incorporated into the curriculum. These connections will give the students an opportunity to connect what they learn in relation to other subjects or disciplines. Mathematics is connected to many other subjects, and it is very important that students get to experience mathematics in context.


Proper and easy representation of mathematical ideas assists people to better understand and use these ideas. For example, it is very difficult to do multiplication using roman numerals than it is to use Arabic base-ten Mathematics, 2000.

The students increase their mathematical thinking capacity when they are given mathematical representations access. The use of diagrams, symbolic expressions and graphical displays, has always been used to teach mathematics in schools. The only problem has been that these representations are taught as though they are non-essential. The use of abstraction has been one of the powerful mathematical aspects, e.g. "From a ship on the sea at night, the captain can see three… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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