Fixing the Mortgage Market Term Paper

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Fixing the Mortgage Market

Over the last decade the U.S. housing market has been on a tremendous rollercoaster ride. Where, prices were at all time highs and lending standards were easy. Then, the inventible collapse came; that was accompanied by a financial crisis that was not seen since the Great Depression. An example as to how extreme the current economic situation became is with the total number of foreclosures in 2009. Where, Realty Track found that foreclosures hit an all time high during that year, coming in at 2.8 million. This is a 120% increase in the total amount of foreclosures since 2007. With Realty Track CEO James Saccacio saying, "A massive supply of delinquent loans continues to loom over the housing market, and many of those delinquencies will end up in the foreclosure process in 2010." ("Record Number of Foreclosures in 2009") This is significant because it underscores the overall scope of the problem that various federal and state bailout programs are facing. As the overall supply and fear among lenders is mitigating any kind of homeowner relief programs. To rectify this situation requires altering the approach that is being used. Two ways that this can be accomplished is through increased amounts of homeowner education and higher standards of ethics / professionalism within the real estate industry. Together, these two elements will provide the greatest insights as to how you can improve the various federal and state homeowner assistance programs.

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Term Paper on Fixing the Mortgage Market Assignment

One of the biggest issues that many homebuyers faced during the housing boom was a variety of different mortgages to choose from. In many cases, the traditional lending standards were often ignored if someone did not qualify for a mortgage because of: bad credit, job history and other factors. What would happen is a variety of loan officers and loan brokers would direct these investors to new type of mortgage that would help them to purchase the home they wanted, a subprime mortgage. This would often involve easier lending standards and in many cases there was no verification of the actual income or job history. To make matters worse, many homebuyers were tricked into believing that their mortgage was similar to a fixed rate mortgage. When interest rates started to increase, many homeowners could no longer afford their mortgage as they were consistently reset higher. ("Financial Reform") to fix this problem over the long-term; requires having homeowners attend some type of financial education classes, prior to closing on their home. Where, the government could offer all homeowners rebates and tax breaks for going to these different classes. This could help to educate homeowners about the dangers associated with the different mortgage related products. In addition, it could be used to help the potential buyer to understand how the different mortgages work. At which point, those home owners who takes the class, can be able to compare the different mortgages with their personal financial situation and determine which one would work well for them. Over the long-term, this would help improve buyer education and will ensure that majority of loans that buyers are obtaining, are within their financial means. (Finney, 2010)

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