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¶ … Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

At the end of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Billy Bibbit commits suicide. In this response, you must argue whether or not Nurse Ratched purposefully goaded him to this action (in other words, she knew he was going to kill him self in doctor's office.) use textual evidence to support your case and discuss how your interpretation changes the ending in relation to the opposing interpretation.

In the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest it seems clear that Nurse Ratched purposefully goads Billy Bibbit to commit suicide. Bibbit is one of Randle McMurphy's greatest disciples. Even when the other inmates begin to resent McMurphy, because they feel as though he is 'milking' them for money, Bibbit holds true to his faith in McMurphy. Bibbit has been a virgin all of his life, because he is locked in a hopelessly enmeshed relationship with his mother. He gave up his one chance at a normal, sexual relationship with a woman when he cast off his fiancee, as a result of maternal pressure. When he is finally able to experience sexual pleasure with a prostitute named Candy Starr, as a result of McMurphy's actions, he feels both elated and guilty.

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The reader is aware that Nurse Ratched is already trying to sway the men against McMurphy because of the way she points out during a group counseling session that McMurphy is not a saint and does things out of self-interest. She is an expert in manipulation because, rather than simply defaming McMurphy, she dispassionately says she is just trying to point out that he is not selfless, which Bibbit denies. By encouraging Bibbit to commit suicide by telling him that she will inform on him to his mother, Ratched knows that she is making Bibbit's worst fear come true.

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Knowing that Ratched is willing to sacrifice a human being to win her power struggle with the inmate is a stunning condemnation of the system of mental health care in America, as opposed to the idea that the 'Big Nurse' merely acted incompetently. A more benign interpretation suggests that the way that inmates are treated, although misguided, is not the result of a morally bankrupt and utterly unredeemable system. It shows that Chief Bromden's fantasies about the hospital as a Combine are accurate, and rather than being insane, the Chief is all too sane.

Consider the Character of Chief Bromden and his path towards sanity. Trace his growth as a character by discussing the various stages he goes through. What are the key scenes and how do these scenes show him coming out of his defenses?

As a Native American, Chief Bromden is a living representation of the skewed measures of sanity in America. Surely any Native American who is happy and nonviolent must be insane, given the oppression Native Americans have endured over the course of their history. Bromden begins the novel utterly emotionally disconnected.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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