Essay: Flow' Still Relevant? Television Studies

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[. . .] Now, with the option of free downloads and recording to watch at a later time is what makes the mental depletion a very real possibility. Majority of people undergo intense mental stress in yielding that they have acted sluggishly by being dormant for hours when viewing television especially when they are waiting for the latest episode to download or record and then watching it the first chance they get.

Even numerous researchers have encountered such people who obdurately assert that they have never indulged themselves in extended viewing of television programs. This stance of neglecting television watching assists them in portraying a much healthier illustration of their personality characteristics, by either depicting their prolific reading habits or revealing their social grouping as a philosophical and thorough one. Nonetheless, the researcher here recognizes that majority of these people are exaggerating or even acting as a charlatan. He states this due to the fact that he has worked as a script writer and a producer for a considerable period of years, incorporating his contribution to the comedy programs like Room 222 and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So, back then when he encountered any person who dejected his possibility of watching television, I became accustomed to the common reaction which utterly fluctuates and was contrary to their original belief, because when he revealed his programs, they responded that they have seen the entire season of one of those programs (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). Now again this does not mean that they watched the entire season as it was released; they could've easily downloaded the series after the entire season was released and then watched it together. This again shows a mental depletion when watching TV. It further shows that the series being aired on a network does not necessarily matter in a world where downloading it is free and the viewers don't have the patience to wait for the week to week episode to be released.

Energetic mind relaxation techniques like going to an artistic museum, analyzing a scholarly periodical, reading books, and going to a concert, these actions are depicted as precious free time allocation due to their multifaceted constructive effects. Also they don't contribute to the topic at hand which is to understand if the TV programs flows and schedules are affected by the free downloads and recording technologies. Hence the ignominy caused by watching continuous television or downloaded television programs is not associated to the above mentioned actions (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990; Schooler & Mulatu, 2001).

As deduced by Csikszentimihalyi (1990), the constructive flow effects are likely to occur in listening to songs, as well as being busy and energetically meeting the medium on numerous occasions, with meticulous targets (e.g., in what manner bass portion from the Chicago Symphony is analogous to the Los Angeles Philharmonic?). At the similar instance Csikszentmihalyi (1990), belittles the inert action of television viewing by explaining that Television can offer uninterrupted and effortlessly reachable information that will attract the viewer's interest, at a very minimal expenditure in terms of the intuitive energy that requires being endowed (p. 119). This is further increased, in my opinion, when the viewer has a choice of what he watches. This simply means that while watching television does leave the viewer with wasting time, watching something that they might not necessarily like and let their mind drift; that is not the case when watching something that they downloaded or recorded hence they will have more mental stress during that session. Furthermore, the limited level of time in this fast paced world does leave for more and more interest in watching only that which the viewer personally downloads or records as opposed to tuning for live coverage when time is of the essence to get something more important done.

Even though the possibility that television can offer the types of objectives and regulations that are incumbent in flow actions (p. 120) like a few types of amusement sources cannot be eliminated. Csikszentmihalyi (1990) indicts a remarkable relaxation industry (p.162) with offering more inert expense for the populace at a bigger magnitude with the introduction of recording and downloading options.

Whilst sitting in front of a television and watching a particular program does not augment our mental capabilities but instead corrodes the existing ones. Many believe that this is due to the lacking [END OF PREVIEW]

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