Satyr With the Grapes: Food in Ancient to Modern Art Essay

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food from ancient to modern art. The image of the Satyr with the grapes

The significance of the influence that ancient Greek has on the industry of wines in all the regions across the world is remarkable. Greek carries long histories of wine, and the cultivation of olive and the vine. These plants bear grapes used to brew the wines, a state that existed from the ancient times the early years of the nation. Ancient Greek pioneered methods of cultivating and producing wine, which it then passed to the other winemaking communities in the modern era. Similarly, art was a subject of development in ancient Greece. Paintings were a way of expression and intimacy with the surrounding environment. Among the themes used in this period are still in use to date, for various reasons.

Satyrs treading grapes in an amphora of Athens, about 530-520 B.C,

The painting Amphora with satyrs treading grapes is a masterpiece created in the Greek archaic period. The painting is on a black, two-handled, ceramic jar, with a black figure on the image. This painting shows the satyr carrying a basket of grapes as they cross some water on a boat. This theme sets the stage for most other paintings in both the modern and the ancient times to grow and develop. Several artists and painters applied the theme of using the grapes and the black aspect of the painting.

Statue of a Satyr Holding Grapes, Versailles, 1672, Vues et Plans de Versailles, c.1672-8,Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Satyr With the Grapes: Food in Ancient to Modern Art Assignment

The painting of the statue of Satyr holding grapes originates from French nationality. The painting is spectacular in its engraving aspect and borrows the theme of the use of grapes in the painting. Therefore, it is clear that this painting, made several years after the Amphora painting, uses the same theme of grapes and wine industry in the country. Therefore, it conclusively indicates that the modern artwork draws inspirations and remarkable painting techniques for the artists. The statue holds a bunch of grapes in the hands; hence the utilization of the theme of grapes and their meaning. This is a spectacular work of art; done on the principle of ancient Greece painting from a different nation shows the extent of the application of the theme.

Satyr Playing with Eros (1877)

This painting is among the surviving works of its time and type. It is a painting of the ancient Greek art, using modern artwork systems. The painting shows satyr playing with Ethos, a system that depicts understanding of the ancient world. This painting elicits the feeling that the artwork was a universal communication channel, in which artists used same themes to develop themselves, and the issue of producing works similar to being original can test a painter's ability. In the aspect of using satyr, the painting gives the interpretation of life as carefree and; therefore, the aspects of testing for the quality of the painting and the themes. From this painting, satyr identifies himself with Ethos and this portrays satyr as Greek god, pan.

The meaning of the grapes and wine as a vigorous source of inspiration for the artists during all periods of art

From the various paintings across the ages, there is a notable correlation between the images. This is the aspect of the presence of the theme of grapes and wine. The practice of farming grapes for wine was in existence through the late Neolithic to the early bronze age. Through trade, the surrounding nations acquired the art of cultivating grapes for wine. Consequently, the art of using the theme of grapes and wine spread through these trends. Moreover, as the nations proceeded into the world wars and colonization times, freeze further passed the art of Greece to these nations.

The use of grapes and wine in the theme of deriving the holder of the image is the economic impact associated about the art. The city of Athens presents a lucrative market for wine. Similarly, the trade of grapes and the high reputation associated causes many modern and even ancient paintings. Therefore, the grapes carry the wide acceptance all over the world and the other hosting painters. The quality of grapes from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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