Food: Crawfish Term Paper

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¶ … Food: Crawfish

Crawfish have always been one of my favorite foods, but I honestly don't remember the very first time that I tasted crawfish, because my mother has always included it, in various forms, in several of her traditional Cajun recipes.

On the other hand, I do remember, very vividly, the day that hunting for them with my father became one of our most cherished family rituals, especially for me.

My father has set his crawfish traps out in the river behind our house since before I was born, and many of my mother's dishes, such as her jambalaya and gumbo depended on the success of his morning harvest. It was ever something that

I participated in, or even gave all that much thought to, frankly, until the last day of school at the end of third grade.

That spring, my father's birthday, May 22nd, happened to be my last day of school, before my summer vacation. At my mother's suggestion, we bought him two brand new crawfish traps, complete with bait trays. Lately, he'd been complaining about his poor luck in the river, and my mother had suggested that he should get himself some of the new, fancy looking traps from the bait shop, but he said that his father and grandfather had always built their own, and that if that was good enough for them, it was good enough for him.

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We decided to get him some of those new traps for his birthday, and the man at the bait store gave us two new bait boxes at no extra charge. According to him, one of the reasons my father's traps were coming up empty is that he still used glass jars for bait. He said that glass jars worked fine if you happened to drop your traps in the perfect spot, but otherwise, bait boxes work much better, because they're designed with little holes to let the scent of the bait carry through the river, which helps the crawfish locate the traps much better than the old-timers'

bait jars. So, we brought home two brand new traps for my dad's birthday present, each with a new bait box inside. The next morning, my dad was thrilled when he saw them in the kitchen, together with the birthday card from my mom and me.

Term Paper on Food: Crawfish Have Always Been One of Assignment

Still, he seemed saddened by the prospect of giving up his old traps, several of which had been passed down from two generations of crawfishing in his family.

I suggested that he could still use his old ones too, and even, that he could make a scientific "experiment" out of it, by using one of his old traps with a new bait box, a new trap with his old bait jar, and the other new trap and bait bow together, to see if the man at the bait store was right, after all.

My dad was already happy with his birthday present, but he seemed even more thrilled that I was taking an interest in his hobby. I got ready for the last day of school, and we decided to go to the river together the next morning to check the traps together, and he went out to set them late that night, long after my bedtime. I always liked waking up (without any alarm clock) on the first morning of summer vacation anyway, but that year was even better, because I

was really looking forward to spending the day with my dad. Science was my favorite subject in school, so I also wanted to see the results of our little trapping experiment that I thought of the day… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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