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[. . .] The treating of genetically modified foods as different creates a public relations disaster on a global level. If American and European consumers fear these foods, and Americans must be 'tricked' into buying genetically modified foods without labeling them, while the EU rejects these foods entirely, surely, the Sudanese rationalized, something must be amiss with these apparently harmless and well-intentioned products the United States was 'giving' away?

The answer, one might say, to the threatened right to choose upon the part of the consumer is to label GM products and plants that are cultivated but to still allow them -- but this creates, critics allege, the appearance of a lack of safety, even when there is none, and will threaten GM farmers as well as frighten worldwide consumers of American products. Also, those who are anti-GM crops find this unsatisfactory on a large scale for they say, because of convenience, even with such precautionary measures, food and feed grown in the European Union sooner or later will become more or less Gm in nature, thus causing GM crops to infiltrate the food supply through the back door. By making more people unwitting subject of the great GM international experiment in the first and third worlds alike, the ecosystem as a whole could become imbalanced for immediate consumer benefits in the short-term -- and what if consumers ignore or are confused about such warning labels?

The GM food controversy will not go away -- the immediate benefits of crops resistant to disease are obvious, but no scientist is certain of the long-term impact upon the human body or environment that supports human livestock and the human body. Until then, it will be half-hearted experiment, as some accept and others reject these products.

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