Food Inc. Film Film Review

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Food Inc.

Film Inc. is a documentary that covers the subject of the food industry, specifically in the United States. It works through a series of vignettes that study the issue from a number of different perspectives, each woven together by three common themes. These three themes are

the forces that lead to the mass production of food

the toll of current food production methods of humans and animals

the rights of consumers to what is in their food

With respect to the first theme there are a number of forces at work that have led to the mass production of food. In part, farming has simply become a job few want to do, and urban flight forces the agriculture industry to concentrate. There are other issues, too, like government encouraging this degree of concentration in a number of different ways and consumer demand for low cost food. Before supermarkets, most stores would have used local suppliers and had very little bargaining power. Today, that has changed and with greater bargaining power at the retail level consumers are also price sensitive about food. This leads to cycle of larger agricultural firms and lower prices. Fast food and other large restaurant operations also contribute to this problem by operating with business models that require large scale farms and factories to meet their needs. A rising population has not helped.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Film Review on Food Inc. Film Inc. Is Assignment

Addressing this problem has to come from the demand side. Business can be the driver of demand, but ultimately consumers (uninformed or not) are the ones whose decision will dictate the patterns of production. We have seen the increase in demand for organic foods and how that has convinced more farmers to get into organic production. If there are markets and profits in food that is source from smaller farms, be it organic, heirloom or otherwise, the supply will follow. The solution is not going to come from industry, because its business models are entrenched and unless there is competition that is winning market share the industry has no incentive to change. The change will also not come from government because if its actions result in an increase in food prices, the government will face strong pressure from the voters. No government wants to be seen as taking food out of the mouths of the poor, and rising food prices tend to be perceived that way, rightly or wrongly. So this side of the issue has to be driven by demand, because where there is a high volume of people committed to something, there are companies that will respond to those market needs and there are governments that will listen to the opinions of a large segment of the public.

The second issue is covered in a few different segments of the movie, and that is the toll of current food production methods on both… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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