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Whereas many American customers find the service too slow and want to complain, other people understand that part of the Ethiopian culture is to be relaxed and at ease. This corresponds to the method of eating Ethiopian food, which is with the hands and done slowly. American food is sometimes eaten fast, in the car or at the desk.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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One of my classmates wrote about an experience at a Japanese izikaya in Toronto. This restaurant might be one I am familiar with, which is called Guu. This restaurant also has the servers enthusiastic and shouting "hello!" And "goodbye!" To all the customers. Japanese culture is engaging, and the restaurants are busy and lively like this one. Therefore the ambiance of this restaurant reflects the culture. The food is varied, as there is something for everyone. I appreciated reading the dining style, which is for many people to share dishes rather than to have each person eat from his or her own plate. The service is fast but friendly, and there is a loud and fun atmosphere to the restaurant. This Japanese experience is different from the Italian restaurant that another classmate writes about. More akin to American dining, the Italian restaurant does not necessarily reflect the eating culture of Italy (the parent country) so much as it is a product of Italian-Americans. I know this because I have visited Italy. The food in Italy and the dining experience is much different from the food and dining experiences in American Italian restaurants. That is not to say the food is not good or fresh. It might be good, but it is not truly reflective of Italian food. Italian food in Italy is not as much focused on pasta and pizza as it is in the United States. In Italy, pasta is an appetizer or a side dish. Pizza is something that is small with a thin crust, usually as a quick lunch or an appetizer for two. In spite of these differences, one can appreciate the flavors and ingredients that reflect the geography of the specific region. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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