Term Paper: Food Safety When Shopping

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[. . .] Eggs should not remain at room temperature for more than two hours and should be cooked thoroughly (Food pp). Wash hands thoroughly before handling raw foods and always wash hands and utensils after preparing raw meats, fish and poultry and never put cooked foods on a dish that has previously held raw meats (Food pp). Use separate cutting boards for vegetables and meats, and always wash the boards in hot soapy water (Food pp). Store leftovers in sealed containers, and either eat or freeze within three to five days, however, never freeze any dished that contain uncooked fruit or vegetables, hard-cooked eggs or mayonnaise and eat all frozen leftovers within two months (Food pp). When using the microwave oven, make certain to use only containers that are deemed microwave safe and be certain to follow the package directions for cooking (Food pp).

Any reliable book, article or web site that contains information regarding nutrition should be endorsed with medical or government recommendations, such as the American Medical Association, and the United States Department of Agriculture. Nutition.gov is an excellent web site that arose from the USDA's commitment to promote a healthy America and is supported through a USDA Interagency Agreement with Research, Education and Economics and Office of Analysis, Nutrition and Evaluation (Nutrition pp). "Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy:The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating" by Walter C. Willett and P.J. Skerrett is an excellent book choice for reliable nutritional information (Willett, Skerrett pp).

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Food Safety


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