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[. . .] Indeed, "a pub/restaurant in Tipperary decreased portion sizes and managed to decrease the amount of food waste created by over a third" (, n.d.).

Borrowing from an initiative facilitated by employees of two dinning facilities belonging to Intel, some of the best management practices to reduce waste include but they are not limited to re-working of fruit (unused) into sauce and/or chutney, proper and reasonable utilization of leftovers such as chili and potato products, efficient trimming practices, etc. (City of Hillsboro, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, 2010). As a foodservice manager, I could seek to make use of these management practices to address the food wastage problem.

It should however be noted that even with an effective food waste minimization and management system, there will always be some leftover food. Instead of directing the same to the dustbin, the edible leftover food could be donated to any of the food banks operating in the city, i.e. Food Bank for New York City.


In conclusion, it is important to note that in seeking to reduce food wastage, there is a need to seek the involvement of each and every individual in the workplace. As the foodservice manager of a foodservice outlet, I would ensure that both the supervisors/managers and lower cadre employees work in tandem in an attempt to reduce food wastage. All employees also need to be informed of not only the goals but also the relevance of such an undertaking.


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