Food System Unintended Consequences Essay

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For examples, it is generally understood by independent scientists that brown flour is more nutritious and healthy than white flour. But in an experiment sponsored by Britain's Medical Research Council, two groups of children were fed with a rich diet for a certain period of time, but each of them being fed either brown flour or white flour only. Both groups of children grew well and equally because their diet consisted of a variety of vitamin-rich food. But the scientists used the experiment to report that the height and weight of both groups of children grew equally -- in essence, giving producers carte blanche to produce as much white flour as possible and market it as nutritious as brown flour. Patel explains: When industrial food companies engage in scientific debate, they do so in an attempt to change our tastes, even reversing what was previously considered good science" (260).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Food System Unintended Consequences of Assignment

The dangers of pursuing cheap food go beyond its effect on our health. The process leads to horrific forms of animal cruelty as factory farming subjects them to harsh methods for the purpose of "efficiency." It makes excessive use of water and energy and contributes to global warming. But even the immediate effects on our health would cause an alarm if consumers were really aware of its effects. In the wake of anti-terrorist campaigns, manufacturers began to use anti-terrorism in their marketing strategies. Food companies were not an exception. Thus, the U.S. government began to warn against agroterrorism. But there was an irony in these campaigns because even if terrorists wanted to exploit the vulnerabilities in the food system by poisoning it, they would be hard pressed "to stand out against background levels of 76 million [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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