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[. . .] e. The observer is looking and recording behaviors, without the notice of the subjects under observation (techniques, 2004). This type of direct field observation has kept me aloof from becoming an active participant of the game itself and has helped be to record unbiased observations. Further, this form of direct observation has suggested a more detached and separate perspective of the subjects in concern. Moreover, this form of direct observation is more focused, precised and subject-oriented than a participant observation, in which I have to become the part of the match to obtain some physical data. I am simply observing the football match and the behavior of the players than trying to become immersed in the game. This method is less time consuming and less effort demanding (Wilkins).

III- Conclusion

A- Societal Role

The societal role of sports has been discussed for decades. Sport is a significant part of the society as both an entertainment enterprise and an educational fixture (forum). Sport lays foundation of social and human development; it can subsidize and contribute to the economic development of the subjects concerned; can bring in tolerance, social cohesion, integration and unity and is an operative channel for socio-economic and physical development. As a general language, sport can serve as an influential medium for economic and social change: it can be exploited to resolve conflicts, bridge cultural gaps and train people in ways that are not possible by any other activity. The basic goal of the Sports Socialization is to observe and promote the notion that a sport can be a dominant agent for variation and should be promoted by businesses, individuals, elites and governments to energize momentous positive progress and development in a political, economic and social context.

A number of people take part in a sport because they have varying degrees of interest. Fans are concerned to support their favorite team and the team of their nationality. Players pursue a sport as a passion or to gain economic benefits. Some people bid on a match and earn money by gambling.

B- Role of Sports in my life:

In my life, sport is an achievement motivator. Sports inspire accomplishment by directing one's behavior towards positive and optimistic results and away from destructive outcomes. The love for quality sports has motivated me to set real life goals and then pursue them with the potency of a sport's person.

My sports' experience upholds that 'Survival' and 'victory' complements each other in a game. A desire to win supplements the player's ability to survive the game. Survival here refers to a good team performance, which is a precursor to an ultimate triumph. Understanding the crux of sports and being a good sport person, I have learned to be determined and resolute in my practical life. Victory in a sport is certified by practice and a continuous hard work. Following the lesson offered by sports, I put in continuous and endless efforts in every task demanding time and precision.

Sports inculcate a feeling of nationhood, when being conducted at an international level. I, being a die-hard sports' fan, support my country enthusiastically in every intercontinental sport's event. I am unconcerned about the culture, class and creed of my team; all I wish for them is a good victory. Sports have infused a feeling of nation-hood within me.

C- How does your experience connect you to others who are sports fans and participants?

Similar to my insight, the sports' fans perceive sports as a challenge and therefore want their teams to win. The desire to win together with the vigor to do well instills loyalty, love and a sense of nationhood in the entire sports' fan community and the sports' participants. I came across the similar spirits and morals, while observing the practice football match. The change of emotions, following the ups and downs of the game was experienced by me while watching the practice football match. The sport's participants and sports' fan undergo the similar tussle of emotions during a game. I observed that during the practice match, the participants with varying cultural identities were striving hard for victory under the common banner of 'Riverton Rams'. Generalizing the team spirits, it can be said that all sports' participants and fans aim for a collective victory; irrespective of the cultural divergence between them. They are tied together as one nation or a group, in their pursuit of victory. Loyalty and a sense of collective responsibility drive the motives and actions of all sports' fans and participants. My experience of the match confirms that, the phenomenon of sport can be taken as a prime instance of globalization. Sports do that by reconfiguring and extending national cultural practices as a singular global phenomenon. Sports tie together the sports fan and the participants, submerging the existing differences between them.


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