Forces on Buildings When Constructing Essay

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The third potential problem is the roof-renovation. Again, depending on the status of the renovation, the building's structure could be weakened do the lack of a roof providing structural support. The construction materials used for the renovation could also pose potential hazards to fire fighters and rescuers. Heavy materials on the roof or stored on the upper floors could foster floor or structural collapse; the materials could block pathways rescuers could need to save lives and property; and lastly, the materials could clutter areas around the building in such a manner as to impede firefighting or rescue efforts. The placement of construction materials should be such that they do not interfere with any type of emergency service. The roof may also have "open areas" that could allow inclement weather in, for example, rain or drizzle somehow sparking an electrical fire.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Forces on Buildings When Constructing Assignment

As I previously discussed, the loads of heavy furniture and appliances make the building "top heavy" and can foster building collapse where collapse otherwise would not occur. All heavy furniture and appliances should be placed on the ground and lower floors. As far as the composite materials go, generally they will strengthen the structure and provide insulation against a spreading fire. The whole building should be renovated with composites to bring it up to contemporary fire and structural safety codes and regulations. Loads in appliance and furniture stores usually require man-power using dollies and pallet jacks and because of this, there needs to be clear pathways and passages for both employees and rescue workers so there is a safe and secure working environment; and in the event of a disaster, there is an environment that can facilitate rescue and firefighting efforts.
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