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Its dealers are also treated with dignity as they are Ford's representatives in different parts and play a role in the broader image of Ford Company. Ford's suppliers are also key to the business as the expansion into the emerging markets keep rising, the suppliers are the most important partners to make this a success which therefore calls for a chain of suppliers to increase and enhance efficiency in the production lines.

Ford boasts of a wide portfolio of investors who have a stake in the company and enjoys a free communication culture welcoming the investor input through constant and periodical conferences with the investors to champion the way forward for the company. Lastly Ford's operations largely affect the communities in which they operate in many aspects. They offer employment opportunities, take part in community development projects, pay taxes to improve the environments which have an impact in improving the image of the company since the community member are both their investors, customers and even employees which contributes towards the success of Ford in different areas where it operates (Ford, 2012).


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Ford, (2012). Stakeholder engagement. Retrieved October 15, 2012 from
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