Forecasting Future Trrends in Digital Case Study

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Taylor, 2011). Technology is altering radically, until it's hard to keep up with the difficulties that seem to continue on an ordinary foundation.

Digital crime will keep developing for the reason of technology. Research makes the point that the more technology comes out the worse digital crime is going to get. It is to the point now you can use your cellphone to finish up transactions that are illegal (Eijkman, 2013). They are even making tools that are years in advance in fax machines, scanners, copiers, and printers. Everything is turning out to be more and well-organized for behavior that is considered to be criminal. These kinds of things criminals utilize in order to access whatever information or to finish a job that is documented as illegal. Persons say that going online shopping is far better than going to the store but then again, many people's opinion is neither one of them are suitable.


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Robert W. Taylor, E.J. (2011). Digital Crime, Digital Terrorism, . Prentice Hall.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Forecasting Future Trrends in Digital Assignment

Stohl, M. (2006). Cyber terrorism: A clear and present danger, the sum of all fears, breaking point or patriot games? Crime, Law and Social Change, 4(5), 223-238.…
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