Term Paper: Forecasting Terrorism

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Forecasting Terrorism

One of the primary patters of terrorist operations than can indicate an attack and should concern intelligence services is weapons movement. Since large-scale attacks often necessitate a mass of weapons, this is a good indicator and intelligence services should pay close attention to this type of movement. Of course, as the September 11, 2001 attacks indicate, large-scale weapons movement is not always necessary in modern terrorist attacks. The recent arrests in Germany indicate, however, that large-scale massing of ingredients to create weapons is also a high indicator of upcoming terrorist activity.

Another key indicator is terrorist propaganda. While propaganda is not always an indicator of upcoming terrorist activity, it can be a good indicator that activity is going to increase in the near future, and often, propaganda includes threats against specific nations, which can be excellent indicators that an attack is going to occur. Combine propaganda with another indicator, increased terrorist movement and activity in certain areas, and the likelihood of a terrorist attack… [END OF PREVIEW]

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