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Israel has only one-tenth of a percent of the population of the world and still receives nearly 40% of U.S. aid, and that is generally more than $3.5 billion a year now. There are other funds also transferred and that is more than $1 billion a year also. The closeness to Israel of United States has compelled U.S. To use its veto in its support in United Nations to protect it from censure many times. (10 Things to Know about U.S. Policy in the Middle East)

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The problems caused through American foreign policy and the actions of Israel are in two ways. The first is that it seems clear all the time that America is supporting the actions of Israel though the actions are against basic values of America -- life, liberty, rule of law, and the principle that a person is innocent till proven guilty. An individual may be acting in a way that he feels fit, but a national government cannot operate in that manner. The support of America for Israel is clear to not only Palestinians, but to the rest of the Arab world, as the support is seen both in military form as also political forms. (Israel's Policy of Targeting Terrorists: Implications for the U.S.) Yet it does not seem that there will be any changes in this policy in America. One of the Democratic contenders against President Bush had clearly stated that he did not have any fundamental objection to the policies followed by Bush. There were calls from him for an end to violence by Palestinians, but no call for an end to violence by Israel. There were also no calls for end of Israeli occupation, Israel's compliance with resolutions of United Nations Security council, or even a call for withdrawal from the occupied territories, etc. (Howard Dean: Hawk in Dove's Clothing?) In short, there is going to be no change in America's policy even if the opposition came to power.


Making recommendations to the U.S. government regarding its policies on Israel and Palestine would just be a waste of breath.


Term Paper on Foreign Policy Regarding Israel & Assignment

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