Trump and Bush Foreign Policies Comparative Essay

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Under Trump, the nation has been socially divided, with many who oppose Trump viewing his supporters as racists and xenophobes, while Trump supporters view his opponents as liars and as corrupt. Trump came to power on a wave of anti-establishmentarianism. He campaigned as an outsider who would drain the swamp of DC of its long term politicians and impose a new rule and order in the country’s capital. Economically, under Trump the stock market has hit all-time highs, which he routinely takes credit for, though much of that has to do with the central bank’s willingness to keep rates low and potentially engage in more quantitative easing. Trump did enact new tax legislation that has decreased the tax burden placed on businesses (as opposed to Bush raising taxes even after promising not to); Trump’s legislation has allowed corporations to bring home money parked offshore and use it to buy back their own corporate shares. Trump’s trade war with China also threatens to hurt businesses in America. Politically, the country is very divided with Trump wanting to secure America’s borders, get along with Russia (even though he sanctions them constantly), and Trump’s conservative picks for the Supreme Court. His opponents want an open borders policy and have radical agendas that reflect a socialist trend rising on the left.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Comparative Effectiveness of Bush and Trump Foreign Policies

Comparative Essay on Trump and Bush Foreign Policies Assignment

Bush’s policy was not very effective overall, as the treaties signed with Russia were easy, since the country was falling apart. The intervention in Panama did not win Bush any supporters. The Gulf War was viewed as part of an ulterior motive by Bush to send a message to Hussein to not challenge the West. Bush’s foreign policy was tough in some areas but it was mainly a reflection of Bush’s desire to tie up loose ends with regard to Iran-Contra and take credit for ending the Cold War. Trump’s policy’s effectiveness still remains to be seen, but the signs indicate that if Trump does not start WWIII by attacking Iran, he could engage in some further diplomacy with the state, create a new treaty with Iran, solve tensions with Russia, and end the trade war with China. Trump appears to bounce between making peace and making war, so it is unclear what the situation is from one day to another. His supporters clearly still regard him highly and view his approach to foreign policy as favorable.

Research Paper Conclusion

Foreign policy under Bush and under Trump differs in that Trump invaded the Middle East and Panama, while Trump has sought to end American wars abroad (even though he has indicated that he is ready to go to war if a country wants to fight with him). He has been charged with colluding with Russia though he has been sanctioning Russia from day one. He is in a trade war with China as well. While Bush’s policy made him a one-term president, Trump still has a high approval rating and could very well see a second term.

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