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In doing so, it would cease to think that it could unilaterally address all the issues of the world, and would either accept the fact that they could not be addressed or -- more optimally-- would seek to find multilateral solutions which took the sovereignty of that nation into account and refrained from treating the entire world as its backyard. The writer takes a very strong stance on this issue, saying that: "The American century is over, and the challenge facing policy makers is no longer that of managing alliances, deterring aggression, or ruling over the international system."Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Foreign Relations Summary of Chapter Assignment

The application of this idea to politics is called the "Ordinary State Perspective," and is unfortunately not particularly popular with many patriotic individuals or politicians, due to the fact that it does not address the United States as the logical replacement for the lost British Empire and its international paternalism. Despite the fact that this idea is a bit of a blow to the national ego, there are also many people who truly support it. Many of the common people of America do not base their pride in the country on the number of other countries which it can squash militarily or economically. Rather, they consider that -- much like a private citizen-- that Unites States would do best to mind its own business and take care of its own issues before it attempts to deal with those of foreign nationals. While there are still hungry people in America, and while crime on the streets is still at record levels, many argue that American politicians have no place spending billions of foreign aid or on vain wars to "protect" citizens of other countries.
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