Discussion and Results Chapter: Forensic Psychology From the Perspective

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[. . .] The study concluded that suicidal behaviors occurred at similar rates in both developed and developing countries. Risk indices created via the survey database are able to predict suicide events with relatively good accuracy.

Forensic psychiatrists working with various populations in clinical settings such as prison hospitals or psychiatric institutions can use the created database to identify the risk and prevent suicide among inmates and patients.

The study can also serve as a basis for further research in the clinical setting, where the existing database can be used as inspiration for investigations of smaller, more concentrated populations during shorter spans of time. In other words, more specific risk factors might be identified for populations with a specific uniform risk factor, such as parent psychopathology, for example.

In conclusion, suicide is one of the leading causes of death across the world. An existing database to help create risk indices is very useful in clinical settings, in which the purpose of practice is healing and the preservation of life. In a clinical psychiatric setting, for example, the main advantage is not only saving lives, but also creating greater potential for healing and returning productive citizens to general society. In a forensic prison setting, preventing suicide in inmates can provide a basis for rehabilitation or at the very least the ability of prisoners to take responsibility for their actions.

Finally, investigating suicide risks creates a basis for further research, which could also be applied to more specific settings, such as among school age youth.


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