Forensics Model Research Paper

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It is helpful that this data be reviewed through text files, which can be analyzed manually or using other tools. The Bulk Extractor, current version 1.4.1, is able to do a series of forensic analyses on data in hard drives, cell phones, usb memory sticks and computer discs. Materials managed and available through Digital Corp and downloaded at:, Instructions available as well. (Garfinkel, 2012).

Summation of Prepared Court Documents

1. I am a certified forensics examiner for the City of Winslow. My identification is 238723, and I have been with the organization for 10 years.

2. My education includes: xyz university, abc university, over 400 hours in complimentary forensics training courses and I am Board Certified in Forensics analysis. I have taught courses and seminars at over 200 venues.

3. I was contacted by Detective X in the City of Winslow Police Department. He produced a duly executed search warrant for the premises, signed by Judge Y on March 1, 2014.

4. Under Detective X's instructions, On March 2, 2014 at 1014am, I entered the premises of Widget Corporation, 124 Main Street, Winslow, X, and proceeded to the desk noted in personnel files from Widget of Mr. X Didit.

5. I photographed and digitally preserved the scene, and also acquired previous digital materials from Detective X.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Forensics Model Assignment

6. Due to the impact on the personal life and preservation of Constitutional Rights, it was important to calculate the hash value of the various electronic and digital devices found at the scene. Because electronic evidence is becoming so important in criminal identification, it is important to understand the authentication and use of electronic devices. The 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended to establish new standards concerning the preservation and discovery of electronically stored devices, and hash values are important to authenticating such devices. A hash value is a unique numerical identifier, a digital fingerprint, if you will, that is assigned to a file, group of files or portion of a file based on a standard mathematical algorithm generated (MD5 and SHA). This means that each value, or each file, is distinctive and can be tracked for alteration. Hashing is the term we use to guarantee that the original data set remains original and may be used as legal, unaltered, evidence (Federal Evidence Review, 2008).

7. I personally examined the photographs taken by original investigating officers and compared with my own, finding no alteration of any materials or evidence. Further, a thorough fingerprint and DNA analysis was done; all personnel who had visited the scene prior (law enforcement or Widget employees) were also fingerprinted and DNA samples taken, if not on file, to eliminate them from crime scene materials.

8. The items were inventoried and then checked by two additional staff members, both of whom signed notarized affidavits to the veracity of the materials (Romano, 2005).

9. All materials collected were tagged and given unique identification numbers; all digital and electronic data was analyzed by professional forensic analysts, and all materials were stored securely and documented using appropriate levels of Federal Evidence Law (Romano).

10. The information I provided to the Court in terms of actual materials found in Mr. Didit's workspace, the analysis and inventory of the materials, and the verbatim download of his browsing, email and data storage habits are all signed and sworn materials, preserved as evidence also under appropriate levels of Federal Evidence Law (Romano).


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