Forgotten Refuges the Conflict Between Arabs Term Paper

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Forgotten Refuges

The conflict between Arabs and Jews is a long and intractable issue. The central features of the conflict have revolved around the rights of Arabs in Palestine to a homeland. There is however another face of the issue that has received very little attention from the media and is not factored into the assessment of the problem. That factor is the refugee status of hundreds of thousands of Jews who were dispossessed by Arabs. The forgotten refuges throw light on a missing conversation in the dialogue between Jews and the international community. The Jews who lived in North Africa and in other Middle Eastern countries were unfairly expelled during the 1940s.

The Jewish history in North Africa and the Middle East begins with the action of the Nebuchadnezzar the king of ancient Babylon (Iraq). Nebuchadnezzar captured thousands of Jews from Israel and carried them to Babylon in chains. In Babylon the Jews maintained their cultural forms and resisted much of the attempts by the Babylonians to integrate them into the culture. This captivity predates the action of Islamic peoples in North Africa and the Middle East. Consequently, the Jewish people were in these countries well before the Muslim conquerors came.

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The major Jewish challenges began with the conquest of the Middle East and North Africa by the Muslims. The Muslim conquerors were an overwhelming force across the Middle East and North Africa; they took control of all the major cities. They were merciless as they sought to eradicate all forms of opposition. The Jews and Christian who were in those countries at the time were considered as "Dhimmi" or minority peoples. They were thought of a people of the book and should not be killed. This position was an inferior position compared to the Muslims.

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