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Public Relations Department Project Proposal

The Public Relations Department of MacGregor Pet Food Corporation experienced the resignation of two of its employees. After one replacement was hired, another left for his doctorate program at the university. Originally, the number of available positions to be filled wwas 11 and currently there are only 9 workers present. A meeting with the staff was carried out and unanimously everyone agreed that nine staff members were sufficient to carry out the job. Moreover they stated that the people who did resign and leave the organization were not competent enough in their work and their absence would make no difference to the Public Relations Department. The change brought about in the department was that the staff members are working more than what their job descriptions state. Their workload has increased although no formal reclassification of their jobs has been done in the past 5 years.

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Term Paper on Formal Business Letter Assignment

The staff members need to have an updated job description because their work has now changed. They are doing more that what they were initially required to do. With the absence of two of the staff members and the total number of staff reducing from 11 to 9, the workload naturally increased on the present 9 staff members and they are doing a really good job in trying to handle the situation. Hence the problem is that there needs to be a new formulated job description based on the responsibilities that each staff member is handling at his or her current position. Moreover the staff members should be given an increase in their salaries based on the fact that they are doing more work than required. With increasing workload and less salary, soon the morale of the staff members will fall and this would have adverse effects on the Public Relations Department of MacGregor Pet Food Corporation. For any organization to be functioning at its peak levels, it is important for the workforce and the staff members to be motivated. These staff members deserve to be given an increase in their salaries as they are handling a bigger workload than before. Their salaries should be increased as it can otherwise, arise legal and auditing concerns. However the worse effect that it can have is the fall of the morale level in the organization which would give an end result of the lagging of this department. It can also cause other staff members to resign and opt for working elsewhere where they will be paid adequately for the amount of work that they do. The organization would then have to step back up to hire all 11 positions that were originally to be filled in by staff members. Collectively maintaining 11 staff members would cost the organization more as compared to increasing the salaries of the present 9 staff members.


As expressed earlier the Public Relations Department is facing a problem which includes a revision of the job description of its staff members and considering an increase in their salaries. Currently they are under paid and made to work more than what their positions require them to do. The solution that I would like to present is that the staff members should have a new job description and that their titles should be reviewed and changed according to their job descriptions. It is only logical that an Administrative Assistant who has undertaken the responsibilities in the accounting sector… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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