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The melting point of cubic zirconia is an astoundingly high 2750 Degrees Centigrade! Colored cubic zirconia can withstand temperatures that are just as high as the ones that can be tolerated by the white colorless counterparts and does not experience color fading. In experiments involving very high temperatures using liquid oxygen, moissanite survived the temperatures where diamonds have been vaporized! [Anderson, B.W.: Gem Testing]

Diamonds come in all shapes, qualities and sizes and can be bought according to one's specifications and budget. The factors involved in purchasing a diamond, include clarity, color, cut and carat size. The diamonds have naturally occurring internal characteristics that are called inclusions. The diamond's clarity is largely determined by the size, nature, location and amount of inclusions the diamond possesses. A diamond's clarity grade affects its value and determines the price of that stone. Many diamonds appear colorless, but in reality they have light tones of yellow or brown in them. As the intensity of the tones become more pronounced, the rarity and the value of the stone directly decrease. [Schumann, Walter, Gemstones of the World]

Light entering the diamond reflects it

When a diamond is cut, most of the light entering the stone from any direction is reflected from the top and forming a display of sparkling flashes and rainbow colors. This is called dispersion. This creates a brilliant affect of colors and beauty.

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Diamonds have the most unique characteristics any stone can possibly have. They have come to find uses in many different spheres of life. But their most significant use is in making beautiful jewelry, when a man wants to win a woman's heart he knows diamonds will do the trick!


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