Frank Lloyd Wright Was Born in 1867 Research Paper

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Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 1867 on a farm in Richland, Wisconsin where he spent most of his youth. He was originally named Frank Lincoln Wright but when his parents divorced and he had designed his first building, he decided to change his middle name to Lloyd. When he as 12 years old he and his parents moved to the larger city of Madison, Wisconsin where he attended high school but never graduated.

Wright's initial interest in architecture developed during his high school years and this interest led to his taking a job with the Dean of the University of Wisconsin's College of Wisconsin. The requirements of the job dictated that he quit high school but he did find time to take several courses in civil engineering.

After working at the University of Wisconsin for several years, Wright moved to the City of Chicago where he began working for local architect, Joseph Lyman Silsbee. Under Silsbee's tutelage Wright had the opportunity to design his first building. This building, known as the Lloyd-Jones family chapel, did not reveal any of the characteristics that ultimately defined Wright's unique style or construction concepts. This development would occur later as Wright took a new job with the Adler and Sullivan architectural firm.

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The firm had already adopted the policy that "Form follows function" and Wright altered that policy to state that "Form and Function are one." Like his new mentors Wright was of the strong belief that American architecture needed to develop its own identity and divorce from the architectural styles that were popular in Europe.

It was while Wright was employed with Adler and Sullivan that he began to develop his own design style. Wright's architectural style was not the only change that occurred during his tenure with Adler and Sullivan. During this time he also fell in love and married Catherine Tobin. It was shortly after getting married that Wright and his wife built their house in Oak Park, Illinois which remains a heavily visited tourist attraction. In this house the couple raised their five children.

Research Paper on Frank Lloyd Wright Was Born in 1867 Assignment

While his roots were there in the mid-West, his life led him to the biggest cities in America. His work embodied a spirit that was both personal and affirmative. His religious beliefs were informed in his childhood by his parents' Unitarianism: That same sense of and obsession with unity would shape the way Wright constructed -- from the uniformity of line in Robie House to the uniformity of curve and color in the Guggenheim Museum. Wright was keenly aware of all things working and fitting together

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