Frank Lloyd Wright Design Theory Term Paper

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Kroll (2011) points out that "Similar to all of Wrights projects, every aspect of design and detail of the project was given particular attention by Wright." He designed the lighting and plumbing fixtures that were to go with the building, the style of windows, even, sometimes, the window treatments. He was not just interested in the outward look of the building and the inward space, he wanted the entire design, whether it be interior/exterior or structural, to flow as if it came from one palette.


Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect who took the designs offered at the end of the nineteenth century and expanded them. His influences may have been A mixture of Queen Anne and Sillsbee (Hurder, 2001), but he developed something that was many years ahead of its time. He was among the first designers who was concerned with the natural aesthetics of his projects. He wanted the perfect blend between what was natural and what was functional. He achieved his goal by going beyond what people thought could be done with the present construction materials (and they his detractors were sometimes correct), and incorporating as many natural elements as possible.


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Term Paper on Frank Lloyd Wright Design Theory Assignment

Peponis, J., & Bellal T. (2010). In Fallingwater: Spatial structure at the scale of quasi- synchronic perception. Georgia Institute…
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