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[. . .] The Fallingwater Conservancy has thus commissioned a restoration project that includes shoring the weaker balconies and waterproofing the entire house (Silman).

Wright's other controversial monuments include the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Because of its radical spiral ramp form, the museum's construction was delayed for years until it finally opened in 1959. Instead of a museum of separate square rooms, Wright designed a spiral ramp that visitors traversed to view the collection. This spiral extends from a domed skylight to an open central court (Hart 138).

Critics charge that the museum's curved walls make it unsuitable for displaying larger paintings. However, the buildings organic design has proved ideal for its purpose and it is now recognized as Manhattan landmark.

IV. Innovations and Contributions

Wright has made several important contributions to the way people view architecture and interior space. His early works, such as Taliesin and the Prairie Houses, broke the Victorian mold of dark, box-like living spaces. In doing so, he also ushered in the use of innovative material, such as poured concrete, textile masonry and steel.

Wright later introduced ways to incorporate elements of nature - light, greenery, water - into indoor spaces. He believed that people should stay close to nature and thus designed houses that embraced the earth or brought nature inside.

Wright believed that a building is more than just a living or a working space. It was also, in his words, "a way to be." For these reasons, Wright strived to design spaces that would allow people to commune with nature and with one another, in ways that were not possible before ("Frank Lloyd Wright"). By changing the spaces in which people lived and congregated, Wright may have also changed the way America lived.

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