Frankenstein and Romanticism Research Paper

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This piece of writing focuses more upon the methods of romanticism and the characteristics of romantic writers as people and not as abstractions.

This writer describes the lifestyle and cultural practices of romantic writers. This is another way for the reader to understand and draw out romantic themes in the novel.

With these quotations, the reader can see that romanticism reflected the world in general at the time, and it also reflected the specific group of writers and artists who called themselves romantic. Whereas other pieces offered a macrocosm of romanticism, this article offers a microcosmic view of romanticism; the focus is much narrower.

These quotes elaborate upon the characteristics of romantic writing, romantic thinking, romantics (the actual people), as well as romantic literature.

This article furthermore deconstructs and analyses Frankenstein as an individual piece of work within a movement and not just an example of the period.

Research Paper Outline

Thesis statement: Frankenstein is a novel that demonstrates numerous qualities of the Romantic period and these qualities operate on multiple levels (semiotics).

I. Frankenstein -- an overview

A. concisely summarize the narrative

B. concisely describe Mary Shelley

C. brief description of main themes, symbols, patterns, etc.

II. Romanticism & the 19th century

A. describe the greater movements and historical events in the time periodBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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B. how do these events pertain to romanticism

C. what came before and after romanticism

D. how does the world at large relate to a specific movement in art and literature

III. Romanticism -- the movement

A. who were some primary figures

B. what are the primary characteristics

C. what was the culture of the romantics

D. what is the writing style or standard of romanticism

IV. How is Frankenstein an example of Romanticism

Research Paper on Frankenstein & Romanticism How Romanticism Assignment

A. who was Mary Shelley in real life

B. characters, symbols, environment, language

C. how the characters behave

D. how the characters feel

E. what the characters want

F. The overall narrative arc of the story as reflective of the period

Conclusion: Frankenstein epitomizes romanticism and endures as a literary reflection of the person, the movement, and the world at the time.


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