Frankenstein Taking the Place Creative Writing

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[. . .] " Angela opens her eyes and stares at her creator. She immediately looks past him, heading straight for the full length mirror at the other end of the operating room. Angela gazes at herself in the mirror, fully unaware of the barrage of questions that Meinstein is asking her. She turns slowly back towards him, demanding a pair of designer heels. Perturbed at the self-centered nature of his creature, Meinstein leaves the room to hunt down a pair. When he returns, he finds the creature has vanished.

With a sinking feeling, Meinstein searches Los Angeles to find Angela. Day by day, the news reports a mysterious serial killer that has been poisoning young model by injecting syringes of botox into their cocktails in night clubs. Club-goers are urged to watch their drinks; Meinstein frantically frequents the top Los Angeles clubs, searching for his creature. One night, across a crowded dance floor, they lock eyes. The chase is on. With a sinking feeling, Meinstein inexplicably knows where the creature is headed. Meinstein drives home like a madman while calling his house, ordering the armed guards to put the security system on high alert and lock all the doors. It's no use. One of the guards reports seeing a gorgeous woman calmly strolling through the property. She's still at large.

Meinstein finally arrives home, hurling himself inside. He runs to check on his 15-year-old daughter, Wilhelmina. She's sound asleep, resting peacefully. Breathing a sigh of relief, Meinstein is about to close her bedroom door when he sees a syringe jutting out of the side of her neck. The horror. At 15, Wilhelmina had just signed with Ford models and was looking forward to an illustrious career. Screaming in anguish, Meinstein falls to his knees. The creature appears, kisses him on the lips and thanks him for making her just so perfect. "I'd like to stay," she purrs, "but I'm… [END OF PREVIEW]

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