Franklin Humor Essay

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Franklin Humor

Humor in Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography:

When deciding to write an argument, one has a myriad of rhetorical strategies from which to choose in order to make that argument more forceful. Some of these strategies include calling upon a high ethos, or credibility, or speaking to the readers' emotions, or pathos. In addition to these, the writer must also form a style that suits his or her audience and serves to further strengthen his or her argument. A discussion of Benjamin Franklin's upon composing one of the most renown pieces of non-fiction from early American history will help contemporary readers understand how to make their choices when writing today.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Franklin Humor Assignment

In Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, the author uses a style that some literary critics might find strange -- humor. Examples of this humor can be found both within the style and content of Franklin's piece. Stylistically, he often uses humor in the descriptions of others, or himself. In addition, he makes small comments that often seem humorous or sarcastic. For instance, he describes a rather humorous incident in which he, like the fictional Tom Sawyer, is the leader of his friends. He instructs his friends to remove stones so that they can build a wharf, but is later chastised, along with the other boys, when it is discovered that the stones were needed by the city's workmen (Chapter One). In addition, Franklin expresses his humor by stating that his work is a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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