Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal Program Essay

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has gone through a series of incidents across history, and its leaders have managed to keep it from losing its values in most occasions. The Great Depression came as a plague upon the world, with world leaders having to take immediate measures in order to rejuvenate the economies. The U.S. President during the time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, devised a series of programs meant to recover the country from The Great Depression.

The Great Depression had certainly provided the world with some horrific times, as people often starved because they had no money and the unemployment rate had been abnormally high. Desperate times required desperate measures, and, as a result, Roosevelt came out of the blue stating that there was no need to panic and that people should try everything in order to get over the period.

There have also been rumors that Roosevelt's actions were influenced by the fact that, in contrast to the previous president, he wanted to be seen as someone actually planning to save the country. All things considered, Roosevelt had been ready to do anything in order for people to grow fond of him and to give the nation its confidence back.

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Shortly after becoming president, FDR helped Congress pass the Emergency Banking Act of 1933. The act involved the government lending money to banks that had been in trouble at the time. It did not last long until a permanent resolution came under the form of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). With the new program in operation, people no longer feared that their deposits might be gone in case their bank declares bankruptcy, as the FDIC gave people their money back.

Essay on Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal Program Assignment

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