Fred Factor the Premise Term Paper

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Fred Factor

The premise of the Fred Factor is that by taking simple steps we can transform our lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The book is small but has a big mission: to help us make our lives meaningful beyond anything we can imagine! In a job that some may think monotonous, Fred sees an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of his customers.

Career Choices

The story of Fred is very inspiring for all the people stuck and bored in their work life and even for those who are about to enter the workforce whether white collar or blue collar. When a person works with passion then he forgets about the time and his work becomes his life and the rest, a part of it. It is the passion that can keep a person burning the midnight oil. Most people adopt different professions but slog through because of lack of real interest. At times, monetary incentives or other perks derive certain people to opt for a particular career but due to lack of appeal they remain unable to excel in the field they choose. Mediocrity not only hurts the individual but also the industry or economy in which the person is working. Therefore, it is imperative for a person to choose a field which stimulates him and his passion.

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Term Paper on Fred Factor the Premise of the Fred Assignment

The Fred factor can be an inspiration for every employee as well as management. Management can also take a lesson from the book and try to create a challenging work atmosphere and hence create impact on employee morale and performance. Managers must also be concerned with factors such as individuals' awareness about the work situation and systems as they influence learning and performance. Organizations that have social norms and values that support learning, experimentation and challenges… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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