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I can never get rid of that conception. Those songs still follow me, to deepen my hatred of slavery, and quicken my sympathies for my brethren in bonds." (142)

Another method of coping for slaves was through religion. The slaves practiced Christianity, as they were told to do by their masters, but also kept their distinctive faith alive in intimate communication between friends and within families, as well as in larger secret meetings. White preachers would say that God permitted or even ordained slavery, but black slaves refused to give up the idea that God willed their freedom. The slaves used religion as an outlet for hope, singing, preaching, and praying for their liberation.

Frederick makes an important point that slaves lost more of their personality and identity as they became more submissive and depressed. As a result, many began to think of themselves as unworthy of being saved.

As slaves were awarded more freedoms, they to realize that what has been taken from them is actually their right to exist and have things. Frederick wrote, "a city slave is almost a freeman" (79).

Many slaves used fighting as a defense mechanism, willing to fight to the death to become freemen. Death was often the result of slaves who rebelled.

Many slaves, including Frederick himself, used education to cope and try to get ahead. The slaves had to find education through their own means, as slaves were not permitted to learn to read and write. Knowledge turned out to be a blessing for Frederick, as he would have never achieved freedom without it.

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Educated slaves realized the importance of freedom. This gave them both desire and a goal, but most of all, hope. It also gave them an advantage when they became free.

As Frederick was educated and could express the problems and the solutions of slavery in a convincing, educated manner, he was more than just a cheap source of labor when he finally was free.

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Learning to read and write was a great challenge for a slave simply because the resources were not there. Frederick used his quick wit and charm to trick local schoolboys into teaching him the alphabet. Without this thirst for Knowledge, he would never been able to write any of his autobiographies that are some of the most important accounts of slavery.

Slaves often held "classes" on plantations at night secretly. Educated slaves would teach their fellow slaves to read and write. By blatantly resisting a master's order, slaves were able to feel like they had some power over their own lives.

This form of resistance was undoubtedly the most effective. Knowledge gave slaves the power to rise up against slavery and gave people like Frederick the strength to cope with life as a slave and the power to make a difference in the lives of all slaves.

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