Free Speech and Content Controls in Cyber Space Research Paper

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Free Speech and Cyber Space

Annotated Bibliography

Carr, J. & Hilton, Z. (2009). Child protection and self-regulation in the internet industry: the UK

experience. Children & Society. National Children's Bureau. 23. 303-308. The UK has been successful in apprehending child predators because of restricting access on the internet. Internet providers have done little to stop the spread and sharing of sexual images of children online. Self-regulation has been the most successful tool in the fight against online predators and needs to be continued and furthered.

Frechette, J. (2005, Spring). Cyber-democracy or cyber-hegemony? Exploring the political and economic structures of the internet as an alternative source of information. Library Trends. In this article, the author finds that the internet has the power to provide information, but also do harm as in cases where children have been targeted by predators. The best way to protect children is through filtering systems which block content from every being shown to children. That being said, there is a line to be drawn when it comes to government involvement in limitation of access online as some argue it becomes an issue of free speech and of hindering the free market economy.

Gyorgy, P. (2002). The tale of cookies (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). Social Research. 69(1). 239-

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245. Online people have a level of anonymity that they do not possess in reality. This has benefits and detriments as it leads people to behaviors that they might not commit if there were consequences. Given privacy for their online activities leads people to look up things or become involved in things which they know are not actually acceptable.

Part 2: Reflective Diary -- Free Speech and Content Controls in Cyber Space

TOPIC: Research Paper on Free Speech and Content Controls in Cyber Space Assignment

There are positives and negatives to almost any situation and a person or group of people have to decide if the good outweighs the potential dangers of a course of action or object before making a decision. With regard to the internet, there is no doubt that its invention has changed the way of life for all people on the planet who have access to it. People can literally be online twenty-four hours a day if they choose. They can go on their computers, on their phones, on tablets, and even on their glasses. Every western life for the most part includes the internet in some way, either for work or social interaction or research or pleasure. Few people go a full day or even a few hours without logging on and going on some website or the other either to progress or learn or simply to goof off.

There are many positives associated with the Internet. Information which in the past could only be ascertained by mulling through moldy books for hours or days on end can be gotten in the click… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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