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Free Writing

Reflections on Art

The experience of the arts has always been something that generates much interest of a good number of people -- I, myself, is a part of this stratum. Interest in the arts is enveloped by the fact that there exist multiple forms of art which allows for a much wider range of artistic experience and discoveries. The very fact that art has already existed since time immemorial proves that art is an integral part of society and culture. It is in this light that I wish to explore and reflect on art and society. In order to do so, I wish to concentrate on arts in the curriculum. Why look at art in the curriculum of students, you may ask. The students, being a part of the educational institution, are on the receiving end of the main function of education. According to Henslin (1993), this main function is the transmission of knowledge, values and culture. Hence, it is through that we can get a bird's eye view of what art in society is about.


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Students are engaged in school activities such as dancing. They usually dance in the tune of pop, ballroom, or even folk dance. The movements in dancing teach a child that there is more than one form of communicating meanings. Sometimes, students would also dance to the tune of the music from different historical periods. By virtue of this fashion, they are being taught about socio-historical periods of the society. The student is not simply expected to demonstrate the different movements, more importantly he or she is expected to have a better appreciation of his socio environment through dance.


Essay on Free Writing Reflections on Art the Experience Assignment

In music classes, children are sometimes expected to write lyrics of songs. As such, much like dance, music also teaches a child that there are multiple ways of communicating feelings, of communicating what we want to convey. Singing in groups is also done in music classes. This time the arts act as a tool of introducing the child to the larger dynamics of life in a more practical level, e.g.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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