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¶ … Freedom Riders Honored; Katie Feldhaus (2011) talks about the impact that Freedom Riders would have on the Civil Rights Movement. These were students and various individuals who were opposed to the Jim Crow laws in the South. During the early 1960's, a wide variety of people from all racial backgrounds intentionally went to these areas to break these segregation laws. In response to these acts of civil disobedience that were occurring many individuals were: imprisoned and attacked. as, they were: risking their lives and their freedom to make a difference.

The article is a reflection of the sacrifice that many individuals made during this time. as, it is discussing these struggles from: the viewpoint of the people who participated in the ride itself. Where, they talk about how they felt and the kind of hardships that they had to endure, as part of their desire to address the injustices that were occurring. An example of this can be seen with comments from Congressman John Lewis who said, "Boarding that Greyhound bus to travel to the heart of the Deep South, I felt good, I felt happy, I felt liberated. I was like a soldier in a nonviolent army. The Freedom Riders changed America forever." (Feldhaus, 2011) This is important, because it is illustrating the overall focus of the article.

Obviously, the group of Freedom Riders was presented in a positive light. The reporting was: both biased and unbiased to a certain extent. The way that it was biased, is when it was discussing the struggles that these individuals were going through at the time. Where, it is painting these people as modern day heroes, who changed the world forever. Yet, beneath the surface some of the actions that they were taking, directly challenged the status quo and the institutions that it represented. In this aspect, one could argue that there was a certain amount of bias in the article, because they are making these individuals appear to be larger than life. When in reality, they are just ordinary people who were trying to make a difference (based upon what they believed). They did not know the outcome of: their actions or if they would have an impact upon society. Instead, they were reacting to the frustrations that they were feeling from the system the only way they could (civil disobedience). This is important, because it is showing how there is a certain amount of historical bias in the article. (Feldhaus, 2011)

The way it is unbiased is: by looking at these events from more of a neutral standpoint. In this situation, the author is examining the long-term impact that the Freedom Riders had on America and the world. as, they were a part of: a larger movement that would no longer stand for the injustices that were taking place. This served as a blueprint for how oppressed minorities and opposition groups would stand up to: the very institutions that were discriminating against them. Over the course of time, these actions of civil disobedience meant that a shift would take place in: how the issue of freedom and civil rights were discussed. (Feldhaus, 2011)

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